Ectopic heartbeat anxiety, you must know this!
Ectopic heartbeat anxiety in Mosselbay?

What can happen, what must I do?

Ectopic heartbeat anxiety can paralyze you and may attack you at any time. So what is this skipped, extra or sometimes experienced as “hard” beats? What must you do and how serious is it? Here are some TIPS to manage your Ectopic heartbeats now.

I don’t want to say relax but  R E L A X,  because in most cases it is harmless. What must you know about Ectopic heartbeat anxiety? Here’s the deal.

Your doctor may say that it’s nothing to worry about or even that it’s normal. What! are you kidding me? Normal!  R E L A X! I realize how easy it is to say relax while I’m sitting here without any Ectopic heartbeat Anxiety, but I know the dreadful feeling and want to give hope.


According to Healthline .com:




Certain types of prescription medicines

Some illegal drugs

Stress which results in high adrenaline levels



According to, other sites, and research, Ectopics usually do not have a clear cause. One of the reasons may be that there has not been enough research into this condition. Probably because it is benign in most of the cases, and there is no real “need” to research it too much?

But I believe that it may be managed to some extent if we look at the above mentioned “causes”. Most of the causes are under our control and that boils down to a healthy lifestyle and habits.

The involvement of the vagus nerve must be mentioned and I have a full post on it here:

10 Ectopic Heartbeat Vagus Nerve Palpitations tips for you

Some other easy to follow steps are to cut out caffeine by drinking Rooibos Tea.


You must do it when according to PennState Hershey :

The heart palpitations, pounding and racing does not stop.

Experiencing palpitations with chest pain and other symptoms

Your symptoms don’t get better after treatment


We definitely experience it as a heart problem and really feel it inside our bodies, but is it only a heart problem?

To a large extent, it is either the stress that we live under or the lifestyle choices that we make that “gives” us Ectopic heartbeats and then eventually ectopic heartbeat anxiety.

Is it then, a bigger head problem than a heart problem(I know there are exceptions) that we are dealing with, and that all of us need more to think correctly “thoughtarrest” and take responsibility for our lifestyle choices?

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I am no Doctor or health professional and am only speaking out of my own experience and research. Please ask your own doctor, caregiver or health professional if you want to take any new supplement or vagus/vagal maneuver. But do ask as many questions as you can.

1 thought on “Ectopic heartbeat anxiety, you must know this!

  1. This may just be the answer!

    Stress and anxiety causes hyperventilation (even slow deep breathing, which is suggested to supposedly relax us, often causes hyperventilation).

    Hyperventilation causes carbon dioxide levels to drop which changes our blood’s biochemistry and affects all of our organs (albeit temporarily) but it’s enough to cause anxiety and even a panic attack in some people and ectopic heart palpitations are very likely related to this.

    I just heard about this from Michael Norman of Panic Free TV.

    Buteyko breathing is a solution

    Here’s someone teaching how to do it

    (And now I’m also reading about slow breathing in the tips you mention. So hopefully that is the key!)

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