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Thoughtarrest technique for Panic Attack. Arrest every thought


Thoughtarrest is my way of examining and evaluating my thoughts. It is not something that I came up with but thoughtarrest is my term for it. You will agree with me that panic attacks, Generalised Anxiety Disorder(GAD) or plain anxiety can paralyze you.



This thoughtarrerst has not only helped me with my panic attacks but it’s use and understanding has had a big impact on my life.

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My a-fib blog. 5 reasons.

A-fib progression

I’m only 44 and want to do a lot of things. This AF heart of mine has definitely showed me that life is short. My doctors have said different things at different stages of my heart story. I know that age, type of exercise, diet, stress, medication and operations will all have an impact on the progression or lack of it in afib and I want to try and measure and catalogue it. At research shows that progression is typically fast in the first year after diagnosis.

The  afib progression scoring system HATCH can be used to predict what can happen with your AF heart in the future, and I want to understand that.

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