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DAY ONE or one day to heart health, 10 things

Heart Health
Heart Health

Heart health is not just about your heart.

It’s about your whole life! You are a system. YOUR HEART DOES NOT BEAT IN A VACUUM SOMEWHERE. Heart Health has to do with your whole being. Here’s the deal.

You will agree that heart health is very important. According to the Centers for disease control, and prevention heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and woman in the USA.

Here are a few simple tips you can implement to improve your heart health.

1. Create your free-will again. It will help your heart.

You think you are free, but think deep and you will see that you are addicted to one or all of these things.

Sugar (It is in everything!) – It makes you FAT!

TV – It makes you lazy.

Phone – It pacify’s you.

Caffeine – Lets your heart race and then throws you off.

Alchohol – Too much of it……Need we say more?

Prescription drugs – It must get you through, but can keep you locked-in if misused.

All above-mentioned things can be bad for your heart. You must get free of them to improve your heart health. It will take guts and commitment, and remember, nothing happens in the comfort zone.

2. Eat healthy. It’s your heart fuel.

How much of what when.

If you do not know what healthy food looks like. Educate yourself, because food is not always what you think it is.

Start your education by heading over to Habib Azam’s site urbanplatehealth and specifically his cardiovascular blog, where he shares what nutrients are essential for your heart.

If we all know that we must drink more water and eat less(overall), why do we not do it? Because most of the time we think “One day” and not “Day ONE”

All of us can do with more Day ONE starts than One-day dreams.

That’s not all………

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