Thoughtarrest technique for Panic Attack. Arrest every thought


Thoughtarrest is my way of examining and evaluating my thoughts. It is not something that I came up with but thoughtarrest is my term for it. You will agree with me that panic attacks, Generalised Anxiety Disorder(GAD) or plain anxiety can paralyze you.



This thoughtarrerst has not only helped me with my panic attacks but it’s use and understanding has had a big impact on my life.

The inspiration is from 2 Corinthians 10:5 King James Version (KJV), Bible Gateway:

“and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”


The Police will arrest someone for a few reasons: To prevent that person from doing more harm, to investigate the person and to bring that person before a court of law.

Now why can't we do that with our panic and anxiety thoughts!

Here’s the deal.

Imagine the thought…… You know the normal panic stuff like: I’m having a heart attack, I’m going to faint, Do I have a dreadful disease? Why is there a lump in my throat, is it even a lump? Isn’t it something worse? Is my heart going too fast? Is it going too slow?…..

Did my heart skip a beat, is it in rhythm, when will it go out of rhythm again, what about a stroke, what type of arrhythmia is this, will I be able to handle a cardioversion or ablation, can I be cured?

Ok! enough of that, you get my drift.

These type of thoughts are horrible! and they can kill a moment, a day, event or peaceful setting.

Now just think how glorious it would be if you could make a thoughtarrest on that panic thought and first investigate it before it makes a mess in your head and life!


These steps are a mixture of CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy)CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and my own experience with panic attacks.


1. Keep on breathing!!

Do not stop breathing because you want to count your heart beats. Is it just me or do you also hold in your breath and start “feeling” and counting your heartbeats?
With AFIB, or another type of arrhythmia, some sort of panic is usually not far away.

It’s enough to deal with AFIB, but panic and anxiety just make things worse.

How fast is it going now, am I going to make it, is it going too fast?

Sometimes the shock of a panic attack is so sudden and paralyzing that we forget to breathe, and then we start to take faster breaths and then it does not feel enough and then we take even faster gulps of air!

Rather concentrate on taking deep full breaths. If you are laying on your back you must see your stomach going up and down with every breath.

Something that I learned from my grandmother is, sit down, make a cup of Rooibos tea breath in and relax. Rooibos tea has many “anti-stress” qualities because of it’s high magnesium levels, influence on cortisol levels, no caffeine content and antioxidant count.

Breathe less and you go into STRESS! a panic stress.

2. Don’t fight it accept it!!

I do not say accept it as the truth, but rather bringing it closer to see what this fear is made of, and how bad it is.

My attitude was. OK panic bring it on let’s see what you’ve got.

This can be like a light you put on in a room and see that the monster does not exist!

3. Use your Victoryvault.

Build a victory bank or victory vault and remember any victories you had over panic. Even the smallest victories can help you build this victory bank.

Quickly go to that bank and see all the times that you have overcome a panic attack.

Write it down. Sometimes you are so struck by panic and anxiety that you do not even remember that just last month you had a panic attack, and guess what… You did not die or have a heart attack.
Just a week or so ago you got a panic attack but started breathing, went for a walk, talked to somebody and the panic went away.

USE IT! if you get another panic attack.

4.Muscle relaxation!!

Tense and then relax all the muscle groups, one by one, you can start from your feet up to your head or the other way around. This can take up to 20 minutes or you could just do a quick 5-10 minute exercise.

 How will this help you?


Steps 1-3 can be taken in a matter of seconds. It gives you the opportunity to think about what you are thinking.

Then it’s your chance!

Do a thoughtarrest. ⇒
  1. Do not deny or suppress the thought.
    This step is similar to the, do not fight it step, mentioned previously but with this one, it’s more about investigating or dismantling the thought. Look deep into what you are really fearing in the thought or symptoms you are experiencing.
  2. Write it down, or talk about it.
    When you write down your thought you “capture” it. Write down how bad it is or was. Don’t sugarcoat it! Even if the idea of writing it down scares you, write it down. It not only helps at that moment but also when you reflect on your panic and anxiety later. You may then see it was irrational.
  3. Write down a “better” statement.
    If you get thoughts of “I cannot breathe” rather write down “I feel as if I cannot breathe but I am”. Or just write down “I am breathing” although everything inside you yells “I’m not getting in enough air”. The two statements should not be too far from each other.
  4. Unmask and expose the false thought.
    Now that you have your panic attack or anxiety thought pinned down on paper you can expose it as false and not real. It may be that you still have the thought of “I cannot breath” or “I’m dying”, “I’m going crazy”, “I’m going to faint” or “I’m having a heart attack”.
    Now you must evaluate them and give yourself the true facts about them!
    You’re still breathing
    You did not die
    No! way! I’m not crazy
    I did not faint – Yes it felt like that but I did not.
    I did not have a heart attack(Although many people have heart attacks and still lead a normal life afterward).

Do not give up hope! Keep on doing a few thoughtarrests and you will see that your panic thoughts start to grow weaker and even go away. Some may be more difficult to arrest but keep at it!
I find that the Word of God – The Bible gives me the hope and inspiration to go on and helps me perform an arrest on an unruly thought.

There are also two other important habits that help with killing panic and anxiety:

Be in the habit of eating healthy.

Drinking Rooibos Tea can help. It is naturally caffeine-free with many health benefits.

How to make Rooibos Tea? Watch this short video:

Do regular exercise.

I hope and believe that the thoughtarrest technique will help you in fighting panic and anxiety.

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Which step are you going to try first?
Which step worked for you?

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67 thoughts on “Thoughtarrest technique for Panic Attack. Arrest every thought

    1. Thx

      I know it is not that easy but I also know that if you can just breathe “catch” and “analyze” your thoughts it gives you some perspective on a situation.
      Great thoughts Great life!

  1. Thank you. This helped to calm me tonight. I find the Word of God helps too and just believing that He loves us and is with us through everything makes these horrible beats eaiser to live with.

  2. Magnesium Malate works and is absorbed well. I take 900mg a day and only get weird heart beats occasionally after eating. Also increase your potassium intake ( try and use food only for this like banana or avacado.

    1. Hi Terry
      At the moment I’m trying Magnesium Glycinate 1000mg daily, Dr Sanjay Gupta says it’s the best “type” of magnesium.I eat bananas regularly. Thx for the comment.

      1. recently increased mag. to 9-10 000 mg,with taurine n arginine, and fermented beet powder, andliquid chlorophyl,for oxygen.And so far ,only getting minor ,short, arrythmias!

    1. Yes Caroline

      It takes some practice to “arrest your thoughts” and some slip through the jail bars and need more effort to arrest.

  3. It’s so comforting to know more people out there suffering with this debilitating problem. I have suffered for years, but seems much worse recently. Doctors don’t really want to know and just recommend Bisoprolol. I think these drugs lead to other problems later on, what are your thoughts on these type of drugs? I take the odd propranolol when I can’t take it any longer and even those have become more frequent. I’ve had some homeopathic remedies recently and they seemed to make it worse. What is wrong with me, I’ve tried so many things and all to no avail. What about anti depressants to help me cope, but even some of those can affect the heart!!!

    1. I have been on 2,5mg bisoprolol and 100mg cardio aspirin for more than 10 years. Maybe it’s not the best option but for now, it’s working for me. I have not investigated the natural and homeopathic remedies too much( I want to).
      Every person is different, but I concentrate on not taking in my known triggers.

      When you can win the “mental” battle against AFIB it helps a lot.
      I have not taken antidepressants, but the psychiatrist did put me on some sort of small “relaxing meds” for about 6 months. After that, I used many technics including CBT, breathing, visualization, and prayer.

      Hangin there! Breakthrough can come any day, albeit slowly.

    2. I would be careful about taking homeopathy. Not because it doesn’t work, but
      because it does. I provoked ectopics by taking Argent.Nit which is a remedy
      for anxiety. I didn’t take a high dose, but I’m clearly sensitive to the remedy
      because it’s a very accurate ‘picture’ of me. I’m a working gardener and long
      distance walker, and never had any cardiac problems. The day of taking
      the remedy I started having ectopic beats and raised blood pressure and
      heart rate. I’ve seen the medics, had an ECG, blood tests etc. My blood pressure has returned to its normal low, but I do still have the ectopic beats. It is very
      unnerving, and I would recommend a guided breathing meditation for
      anxiety and panic to help you get your breathing under control and to help
      you feel calmer. There are many on Youtube.

      1. What were these homeopathic., so I can tell if that’s why I experience PVC. That was my diagnosis 3yrs ago

    3. I think I also go through the exact issues that you have mentioned here. Lot of deep breathing eating healthy and a regular exercise pattern helps curb the ectopic beats. Haven’t tried magnesium but I’m put on bisoprolol by my doctor . It’s really shocking to see there are lots n lots of guys out there who have very similar complains like me

  4. Try to see a naturopathic Doctor and be evaluated for Lyme or Herpes related chronic low grade infections. They like to cause problems with the nervous system especially the Vagus nerve leading to these Palpitations

  5. The connection between the Vagus nerve and SVTs is often dismissed when consulting your Cardiologist! Great insight anf thank you for the simple steps towards maintaining a ‘healthy’ heart rhythm!

    1. Thx for the comment David
      The other reason is also because they do not see it as life-threatening or otherwise very serious.
      But for anyone with SVT’s, it is horrible and can make your life miserable.

  6. I would be careful about taking homeopathy. Not because it doesn’t work, but
    because it does. I provoked ectopics by taking Argent.Nit which is a remedy
    for anxiety. I didn’t take a high dose, but I’m clearly sensitive to the remedy
    because it’s a very accurate ‘picture’ of me. I’m a working gardener and long
    distance walker, and never had any cardiac problems. The day of taking
    the remedy I started having ectopic beats and raised blood pressure and
    heart rate. I’ve seen the medics, had an ECG, blood tests etc. My blood pressure has returned to its normal low, but I do still have the ectopic beats. It is very
    unnerving, and I would recommend a guided breathing meditation for
    anxiety and panic to help you get your breathing under control and to help
    you feel calmer. There are many on Youtube.

  7. Thank you for your helpful advice. I have suffered through anxiety associated with irregular heart beats and this is exactly what I’ve needed. Also very helpful to know I’m not alone. Thank you ! 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for this post. Having suffered with PVC’s for years, which occur when having indigestion, being in a stressful situation or experiencing a panic attack (also suffer with generalized anxiety disorder for years) it is good to know that i am not alone! My primary care doctor did address the relationship between the vagus nerve/heart/stomach a few years ago and said that he had another patient with the same issue. I have had an echo stress test and ultrasound to look at my heart and all came out well but even still, when one of those PVC attacks occur, it’s scary as all get out and then that prompts a full blown panic episode. I have to really watch my diet avoiding too much alcohol (can only consume 4 – 6 oz glass of wine with a meal). If I drink 2 or more normal glasses of wine around 7 pm, by bedtime, my heart is racing. I also cannot tolerate caffeine/sugar/ alcohol combination. The only caffeine that I can tolerate is black tea in moderation so I drink a lot of water, seltzer water, decaf coffee and herbal tea (chamomile, fruit, rooibos). However, most recently, I was drinking celery seed tea before bed which is supposed to have a calming effect but I let it steep to long and it became too astringent which set off the worse indigestion/PVC attack ever to the point that my husband could actually hear the missed beats when listening to my heart. My usual steps of hard coughing and seltzer water to burp did nothing so off to the ER we went and by the time we got there I was in a full panic attack. It finally subsided but because it was the most severe one ever, thought it best to get checked out. It’s amazing because the day leading up to the event was extremely calm and stress-free; you just never know when or what will set it off so all you can do is really get to know your body and be in tune with how it responds. This is also a journey that has made me very spiritual; letting go and let God be your guide. Best to all…

    1. Brenda

      Sorry to hear about the panic.
      For me, the worst part of my “heart journey” has been the panic attacks. I don’t get them anymore and am very very…..very glad about that and thankful. That is why I “created” the technique for myself. In short, it is and was a total surrender to God, and that he is ultimately in control and we must only fight the thoughts.
      Hope and pray for a big breakthrough for you.

    2. Had a bad episode of SVEs after a large dinner. Stomach was bloated,gassy and felt constipated this for me causes them. Add to that fear and anxiety ,pulsatile tinnitus, heart condition and that equals a sleepless night. However after 2 bowel movements and going through the strategies here and other things I’ve read it’s all calm again and zero SVEs. This is one episode to keep in the vault. I think the key for me is understand the food triggers more carefully. I’m learning just how powerful the mind can be and how fear can manifest itself. If you have no structural heart problems then look at how you feel and question that first.

  9. Brenda, and all the others on here, I’m reading this in the middle of the night, eyes tearful, so fed up with constant palpitations, stress and anxiety and not knowing the cause. These comments and this site have given me hope, I’m so pleased to find I’m not alone! And I’d never heard of the vegas nerve until tonight.
    Had my heart checked out by the doc, got nowhere. Now, having spent the last hour or two hunting online I’ve found some clues as to what my problem is- the connection between heart and stomach/digestion. And some ways I can help myself.
    I’m a Christian too so I’m going to involve God a lot more in my healing than I have been doing. Thank you so much, you’ve given me hope.

    1. Hi Lynda
      I LOVE my doctors. My GP(General Practitioner) has been my doctor for more than 25 years and I’m blessed to have such a wise doctor. He has helped me a lot and given me very good advice. The thing is I could not visit him every week, especially during my panic/anxiety “stage” or at the beginning of my AFIB journey.
      I did also visit a psychiatrist who helped me with my panic and anxiety issues. For me, there was a time that there was a real mixup- in my head – about my anxiety, heart, stomach, and overall wellness. As soon as I had my anxiety and panic under control(by the grace of GOD) I could deal with the other issues much better. The bottom line for me was God is in control, follow the guidelines in the Bible about life, stress, and everything. I have been amazed at how clear the Bible is about stress and health issues.

      Thank you for the comment.

  10. Thank you J!
    I’ve just been reading your story again, you’ve been through a lot. You did well to overcome it all, and we are all grateful for all your advice.
    Tonight I made a start – found lots of verses in the Bible about stress to print out and learn!

  11. Hey from Eastern N.C.
    I too am a saved, born again believer. However, Satan is very real and when the flip flop, flutters, pauses, burps come out of nowhere, it sends me in a tail spin!
    I’m a 53 year old post menopausal female.
    It doesn’t help one bit that my Daddy died my senior year of high school, at the age of 48, from a massive heart attack.
    Satan has wreaked havoc in my thoughts and mind.
    I now have a loop recorder implanted in my chest. The Cardiologist says that I have had several “critical” episodes that have been false alarms….. ALL BUT ONE.
    He prescribed 2.5mg of Pindolol this past Wednesday, but I am TERRIFIED to take it!
    I had a really bad episode this morning while driving and just can’t seem to shake it.
    In addition to the arrythmias, I have untreated stomach ulcers and h-pylori bacteria.
    I cannot bring myself to take any meds for fear that it will make my heart issues worse.
    I am in therapy weekly for the panic and anxiety and it has helped immensely.
    Why can I not just stop researching every little thing and have faith that God is in control and does not need my help?
    Seriously, the worst thing that can happen to me is HEAVEN, right?

    1. Hi Charlene

      I thought about this: I could live in fear and panic and live for another 60 years or,
      I can live in joy and peace and die in a year, what’s the best way to live?

      I understand it’s not that easy, but we can only control so much, and one of it is our attitude.

      I appreciate you telling a part of your story, I also think it helps you and others reading it.

      I pray joy, peace, and healing for you.

  12. Thank you for your page . I’ve been battling PVC , PAC , for over 15 yrs . They are scary and debilitating, but knowing that they come and go , should be reassuring a lot of people .

  13. I have periods of ectopics which can last up to three weeks. The ectopic beats come several times in a minute sometimes 7-8 in a row which is very scary. I have also been diagnosed with Histaminosis a few months ago and I think it is the excess Histamine in my system which may be causing the ectopics.

    Excess Histamine can affect the heart, the nervous system, the stomach etc. This time the ectopics are starting every evening and when I wake up in the morning they are gone. I have also had SVT for nearly 15 years, but Metoprolol keeps it under control.

    It is believed that 1% of the population suffer from Histaminosis, so it could be that it is the reason a lot of people have ectopic beats. Worth checking up on.

    1. Jan
      Thank you for your input. I have not done any reading on Histaminosis or excess histamine. The only experience that I have with anti-histamine is that my son has taken it a few times because he is allergic to peanuts.
      All the best with your heart-journey.

  14. Also thankful for the post. Im sitting here once again trying to find reassurance for my symptoms. I know I am experiencing stress and anxiety and this is turning my digestive system to react and resulting in heart palpitations. I went to the doctor and he only listened to my heart and said its fine. I was the one who suggested to get further testing and now am set to get a holter monitor end of jan next year. My anxiety says.. Two months?! You will probably have a heart failure by then.. So therefore i cant relax thus get rid of these bloody palpitations. I do love your victory vault technique.. I know this has happened before and has gone away on its own when i stopped worrying about it. Battling with my mind is really the issue here! 😭

    1. Oh, yes Battlefield of the mind. Be strong!
      You have done it before and you can do it again.

  15. I can’t stand these PVCs any longer. Had some tests and all is ok. Why then do I have these PVCs everyday for 6 months now? I have thoughts it’s something bad. I am saved and still cannot seem to find a solution. I’ve asked gid many times to help me. Maybe I’m not praying the right prayers. I think it may be stomach or vasel vagel but they just won’t quit. Afraid to eat. Please help if you can

    1. Ectopics (PVC’s) are not uncommon and many people have them, but not all people “feel”them. Feeling them can create this anxiety and panic – and it’s normal. One of the main reasons I started this blog is because of this big problem I had in my head of “Doctor my heart is going mad and you say it’s all fine” I now understand that doctors treat what they see, and it is difficult for them to “treat” your thoughts.

      That is why I went to see a psychiatrist and a psychologist, and it helped me a lot. Ultimately I had to let go of the stuff(heart palpitations and Ectopics) that I could not control and focus on the things I could control. Let God control the things that you are not in control of.

      Watch this video of Dr. Sanjay Gupta(The Cardiologist)
      And read these blogs:

      Hope it helps, and never give Up.

    2. Hi Sandra. I am not even sure if you will get this post. I am totally new at this kind of communication. I just wanted to let you know that your symptoms, time, and misery is almost exactly as my own. I have been suffering with this affliction for years. I hope you know that all the doctors in the world may think they know about this, or may not . The thing we have here is that we have “been there done that”, and no one can actually know what we experience unless they have been there. My best for your recovery.

  16. Hi! My name is Sobi. My physician tried to put me on the same medication you have. When I checked it out, I found that the first side effect was “rapid weight gain”. Since I am perfectly capable of gaining weight on my own, I declined to try the medication. Do you have any such experience with it?

    I have had this condition for many years and lately it has amplified greatly in the past few months. I have also had all of the tests, and doctors don’t seem to have a helpful explanation for this affliction. Any thoughts in this?

    I will appreciate any feedback.

    1. Hi Sobi
      Have you checked my reply to Sandra on 2018-12-25 and the links to the other posts?
      I am not a doctor, but as far as I can understand there is the “physical” side to Ectopics and PVC, the vagus nerve and so on, but also a “mental” side. Unfortunately the more you concentrate on the Ectopics the more you feel them and then you get more and then you feel them more and so on….
      I know it is hell!
      Look at this post which has a few tips:

      Stay strong!

    2. I have had PVCs for about 40 years . They come and go. As I have aged, they are more frequent. Yes, I’ve had all the tests and of course my heart is normal, LOL.

      As I have aged, I have also developed heartburn, but in the upper part of my esophagus near the throat. So I try to eat a diet to eliminate heartburn of any kind. I can tell when I’ve had too much caffeine and acidic foods. I never eat fast food anymore or fried foods. I also have to be careful to eat more slowly.

      I decided recently to not eat after 5 pm (which also helps keep the extra pounds at bay).

      I have been exploring the vagus nerve connection and there are some good articles out there on that.

      BUT, since I haven’t seen this anywhere else, it also helps me to put a cold cloth around my neck, or one with a long, narrow gel ice pack wrapped inside. I figured it you can stop a PVC episode by sticking your face in ice water (dreadful, if you ask me, LOL), an “ice wrap” for a little while could help. Yup, it really does.

      It also calms stress, but I rarely have stress with PVCs anymore.

      At first, in my early thirties, of course I did! But the heart workup and assurance that it is nothing to worry about as was/is, really reduced that.

      I am also a Christian and seeking God’s perspective (I believe He “led me” to the vagus nerve connection). My doctor used the expression, “talk yourself down” over situations like this when structurally there is nothing wrong.

      Incidentally, I’m here tonight because I knew I shouldnt’ have eaten that Hershey bar late in the day, but I did anyway. Dang!

      I also do deep breathing, and here’s another vagus nerve trick I read only a few months ago: using your finger tips or thumbs, firmly tap your chest in the hollow beneath each collar bone. I usually do it at the same pace my heart is beating (because I don’t getted stressed anymore), or the pace I WANT my heart to beat :). The theory is that it will have an influence on your heart rythmn. It works, too, but don’t tap too hard.

      Cheers and blessings, all.

      1. Hi Christina

        Great comments. I’m going to try the “collor bone tap”.
        Being a Christian knowing God is in control and we have life after death through Jesus also helps me a lot.

  17. This my first time replying. I am not sure if it will even go through, but I want to agree with Sandra. I have been suffering almost exactly as you have Sandra, and I, too am at a loss. I loathe taking useless medications, but it appears that at this time, they are the only things that work, but I am more prone to natural methods and techniques. However, the severity of these “things” has gotten the best of me, so I know how you feel. Thank you, SOBI

  18. Exact same symptoms here as everyone else. I found it really hard to explain what these PVC or PAC’s felt like and I used to think that what I was feeling couldn’t possibly be what everyone else was feeling and that I had some horrible heart disease that was bound to kill me at any minute. The best description I read was a girl who said that it felt like someone had just come up behind her out of the blue and given her a big fright. That’s pretty much how it feels for me and sometimes it does feel like it takes my breath away a little. I’ve also had my heart checked and it is apparently fine. Funnily enough this only brought temporary relief and when I do have a PAC it sets off my anxiety. I’ve been dealing with this for the last 3 or so years and the only relief I have found has been in the last month when a fellow anxiety sufferer gave me a book called complete self help for your nerves by DR Claire Weekes. I have never read something that has hit home more than what this book has. The techniques are nothing short of pure magic and I have been able to curb my daily and nightly panic attacks down to pretty much none. It’s early days and I’m sure I’ll have a setback or 2 but this is the closest thing I have had to freedom from my obsessive thoughts in 3 years. I hope this helps others out there also.

    1. Hi Angela

      I have heard of and listened to some of her work, she is very good.
      Thx for the comment.

  19. Very useful tips! I have just had a ten week run of ectopics.
    They happened every evening (from 6pm until bedtime, non-stop bigeminy! Same when I woke up for about 2 hours). This went on for ten whole weeks! I prayed hard, completely cut out alcohol, and now they’ve stopped! They may come back again, but at least I’m having an ectopic holiday. So don’t let them drive you mad if you’ve been checked out by doctors and they’ve said you have a normal heart and heart rhythm. God bless you.

    1. I have been having it in episodes usually when i lie down to sleep and then dont get them for around 2-3 weeks. But then they start again. I feel like i have Afib. Someone plz help me. I feel like im gonna just not make it through

  20. 20 years here with anxiety/ panic. I only remember the fluttering for about 11 years or so. Many ER trips, echos, stress tests, EKG’s, etc. They seem to come in waves… one day nothing, feeling great, another day just 1 or 2 that I can handle, other days even one hard one sends me into hours of stress, anxiety, panic, fear, paralysis (mental)….
    Just saw my holistic doctor again…says dehydration, low minerals, exhaustion, caffeine, distal hernia can all be a culprit.
    I’m now taking mineral rich plus extra magnesium, vitamins, trying to stay hydrated, deep breathing. Need to eat smaller meals.
    Tired of being scared and afraid to die. I long to feel well enough to just live, do things, without that dreaded back thought of ‘will I be ok’, ‘ will I freak out’, ‘will I have them when I’m out and about’, ‘am I going to die’….. more than just a day or moment here and there.

    1. Lori

      I know and feel what you are going through.
      I have made peace with death. That’s why I want to live every day.
      I believe that I will live after death because of what Jesus did for me on the cross.
      It’s the only way I can make sense of life and death.

      I wish you strength for you heart journey.

      Thank you for your sincere and insightful comment.

  21. I just tripped into this site and it answered a lot for me. I’m 85, and yesterday I had an attack while driving. I was close to the doctors office and stopped. It was flutter..I have had a lot of stress at my residence. Two dear friends were here. One died and the other had a stroke and passed in a few days. My guess would have been high levels of cordisol that let loose. It truly is debilitating, and you truly have to fight the flight. Being spiritual is a big help. Thanks for the sound advise.

  22. I feel the same as you mentioned,it all started when i got an iv injection of toradol for bodyache and fever,after that i never recovered from that traumatic condition that i felt on that day after injection,today
    I had severe panic attack,same symptoms as i felt after injection, light headedness,feeling dizzy and about to die,i have visited many doctors all say i am weak or have low bp,even anti depressants didn’t work on me,and my ECG was clear,doctor said you have no heart disease or problem..I am really very worried about my health.If anyone can help me ?

    1. Hi Ayman

      I have discovered that I can only do so much to stay healthy. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep enough and so on.
      The biggest thing for me was “arresting” and controling my thoughts. I discoverd that I did not have to accept every thought that came into my head.
      At some point I had to let go. After I did everything I could concerning my health I started working on my thoughts.
      I found out that we ultimately live in our heads. You can have 2 people in the same situation and one is happy and the other one is sad.

      It’s a process. All blessings and goodness for you.

  23. I’ve had a heart arrhythmia for 35 years. I can literally write a book! Had ablation surgery when it was experimental and doctors knew only what we reported. No medications and rare symptoms for 25 years! Thank God. Took Bactrim for an infection in 2015 and the arrhythmia has returned with a vengeance with a new diagnosis of A-Fib. Unbelievable! Helpful information:

    1. Antibiotics rob your body of magnesium which affects the heart rhythm. Be careful when taking other vitamins and minerals together
    with Magnesium. Suzy Cohens book Drug Muggers explains more. So does Dr. Deans book the Magnesium Miracle.
    2. Low magnesium, potassium, Vit D or iron can affect the heart. Have your Thiamine checked, especially if you consume alcohol. My Thiamine and Magnesium runs low. Beriberi is dangerous.
    3. Dehydration, Gas, bloating, incorrect body posture, indigestion can affect the heart. The vagus nerve connection is REAL! I’ve had many trips to ER!!
    4. Temperature changes can affect the heart.
    5. Food triggers (msg., caffeine, sugar, sorbitol, xylitol, alcohol, aspartame)
    6. High histamine foods.
    7. Stress
    8. Monitor any medications or Beta Blockers. They can help or make the arrhythmia worse. Sotalol was terrible for me. Magnesium (oral and transdermal) and MUCH prayer is my lifeline. It takes a long time to replenish Magnesium so be patient. You may have to try different types to see what works best for you. My levels dip in the early evening so I use the transdermal Magnesium which is fact acting without GI interference.
    9. Monitor your health and your arrhythmia. They can be harmless or critical so please take it seriously. I have been through hell and back and had extensive research AND experience. Stay informed but try not to let this condition become who you are. It is to your benefit to have a Electrophysiologist oversee your cardiac care. Arrhythmias are their specialty; however they may be resistive to the vagal nerve connection so don’t be discouraged. Be your best advocate.
    10. A Naturopath practitioner is your best friend! Have them test your Magnesium and Potassium for CELLULAR activity. A general practitioner will only test the blood levels (serum) which may not be an accurate measurement of your levels. You can (and most likely will be) deficient.

    Pray for God’s continual grace……I know of his healing power first hand. Many blessings to you all.

  24. I am in tears finding your site. After 7 months of feeling like I couldn’t find anyone to understand or validate what I was dealing with, it has brought me so much hope. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell your story.

  25. Thank goodness I found this site! I suffer from health anxiety and have developed ectopic heart beats and palpitations. I convince myself I am having a heart attack at least once a day. My anxiety is so debilitating!

  26. Thankyou so much Iam reading this article during the night as have been suffering with missed heart beats all day and feel very weary.

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