AFIB FREE Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

To be AFIB free is a blessing!

That one sentence could be my whole post for today. I know there are AFIB warriors who live life with AFIB and have a full life, but being AFIB free is the first prize.

That knowledge of having a cut/scared heart due to my CHD called TOF(Tetralogy of Fallot) is still there. That keeps me ever grateful, happy and never complacent, but humble that I have life(and have it more abundantly – for those who know what I’m talking about).

There are many people out there who are living with AFIB or the consequences of being born with a CHD(Congenital heart disease/defect). It can be a struggle.

Because of that, every AFIB free moment should be celebrated, we do it differently. One way I do it is by staying fit and taking part in something like the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

For me it’s not a race, it’s an event a celebration. Celebrating a heart that is working 100% in a city that captures your heart every time you visit it. I love Cape Town!

Last year there was no Cape Town Cycle Tour for the first time in 39 years due to wind and possibility of unrest on the route. I was at the starting point, all dressed up and nowhere to go. So I went home……………disappointed, but understanding the big decision that had to be made. Safety first!

This year I was there again, AFIB free and all. I should have trained harder. I know I trained less than in 2016 when I did a 03:53 time.  Luckily this year I was riding with a newbie, one of my best friends, but he was super fit! Thankfully he wanted to do a “slow scenic ride”. I was relieved.

Argus Start
Me and Robert at the start. Table Mountain in the background.

Proud to say Table Mountain is one of the New7Wonders of Nature in the world. We were very excited, and even if it was my 7th one I still felt butterflies, but they were flying in formation.

The route and profile!


On top of Chapman’s peak with Houtbay and the scary “Suikerbossie” in the background.
On top of Chapman's peak.
Top of Chapman’s peak.

Race stats

My race stats.
My race stats.
Argus map
Argus map









Medal and Celebrations
Year 40 medal of the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
Year 40 medal of the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
Celebrating completion of CTCT.
Celebrating the completion of CTCT and still AFIB free.










It wasn’t my fastest Tour or my first but maybe the most enjoyable one thus far. AFIB free, with a friend no wind and site seeing. Thank you, GOD.

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