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AFIB FREE Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

To be AFIB free is a blessing!

That one sentence could be my whole post for today. I know there are AFIB warriors who live life with AFIB and have a full life, but being AFIB free is the first prize.

That knowledge of having a cut/scared heart due to my CHD called TOF(Tetralogy of Fallot) is still there. That keeps me ever grateful, happy and never complacent, but humble that I have life(and have it more abundantly – for those who know what I’m talking about).

There are many people out there who are living with AFIB or the consequences of being born with a CHD(Congenital heart disease/defect). It can be a struggle.

Because of that, every AFIB free moment should be celebrated, we do it differently. One way I do it is by staying fit and taking part in something like the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

For me it’s not a race, it’s an event a celebration. Celebrating a heart that is working 100% in a city that captures your heart every time you visit it. I love Cape Town!

Last year there was no Cape Town Cycle Tour for the first time in 39 years due to wind and possibility of unrest on the route. I was at the starting point, all dressed up and nowhere to go. So I went home……………disappointed, but understanding the big decision that had to be made. Safety first!

This year I was there again, AFIB free and all. I should have trained harder. I know I trained less than in 2016 when I did a 03:53 time.  Luckily this year I was riding with a newbie, one of my best friends, but he was super fit! Thankfully he wanted to do a “slow scenic ride”. I was relieved. Continue reading AFIB FREE Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018