Afib heart medicine and healthcare.Cardioversion or…

How to convert your AFIB heart
AFIB heart medicine and healthcare

Will my AFIB be converted by…..

What afib heart medicine and healthcare will convert my heart back to sinus rhythm?

Well, my trouble started on Saturday morning – early Saturday morning, Something did not feel well.

– but I went to sleep again.

Was it even AFIB?

It felt like an Ectopic Heartbeat, which I have had experience of previously, and that’s why I did not think much of the strange hard beats I was feeling.

I even went for a short run of about 2 kilometers, and actually felt good after the run. It was a very slow run, and my heart never “sped away”.

Yes, it was AFIB!

But now I’m In AFIB, In Hospital, On Cordarone X, and waiting for something to happen(the afib heart medicine and healthcare must happen!) It is either an cardioversion or a spontaneous “back to rhythm” that is waiting for me. Which way normal rhythm will come is not as important as the fact that medicine healthcare and my heart will work together to get me out of the hospital(I hope and pray).

From Saturday morning I really prayed and believed that my heart would go back into rhythm, and I so wanted to believe that it was only Ectopic beats that I was feeling. And every now and then it felt like my heart was getting its beat back, but unfortunately, it never did. I was forced to go to the doctor!

My GP said that he could see that something was off, but he was not sure if I was in full-blown AFIB. That was the Monday, Tuesday was a public holiday and I phoned my cardiologist on Wednesday while I was at work trying to solve some work issues that usually come after a long weekend. It felt as if I could not find the time to even phone the doctor’s office, but luckily I did and was at his office at about 10:30.

The cardiologist listened and said there’s something, then I moved over to the clinical technologist’s office and he hooked me up to the ECG (Electrocardiogram) machine.

After he stuck those patches(electrodes) on me it was about 5 seconds and he said those awful words! Yes, in full-blown AFIB!  I sort of expected it but did not want to fully believe it. Not that I’m so afraid of the AFIB, but rather because I thought I was “cured” and knew what was coming.

Yes, that’s a big question: Can afib heart medicine and healthcare cure u of AFIB? I have shared this question with Travis of Living with Atrial Fibrillation and he said it will be a great topic to delve into. What do you think?

In I.C.U again.

Back to my story: After a short while I was booked into Mediclinic Hospital Bloemfontein at the Cardiology I.C.U(Intensive care unit). I received great service from all the staff at Mediclinic and could not complain about anything. There are only 10 beds in that specific unit so it means you get special care.

AFIB but loving support
AFIB but loving support

I was put on a Cordarone X, IV. My first hope! Will those drugs convert my heart? After 12 hours……. NO and then nearly 24 hours…….NO! I had to go for the cardioversion. I have had 7 during my AFIB journey.

It was the first time I had the TEE(Transesophageal Echocardiography) done on me, to see if there were any blood clots in my heart. I had no after effects, not even a sore throat. And then the Zap!(cardioversion) I did not feel it and did also not have heartburn side effects like I had the previous time. I was happy! I was in NSR(Normal Sinus Rhythm)

Why did I go into AFIB? My cardiologist says it’s because of my enlarged Atrium. Will it happen again? I don’t know and he does not know. Am I cured? Deep in my “heart” I hope and pray so. Can one be cured of AFIB? I believe so. I’m a positive person, but above all I have FAITH!




2 thoughts on “Afib heart medicine and healthcare.Cardioversion or…

  1. So many people going on this scary journey. Glad yours worked out and hope it stays that way. I find that if I push myself too much and cut into good sleep time the atrial will come back and then there is a trying period of a week or two trying to get things stable again. Stress I feel is such a big part of atrial and many of us have pushed our bodies so hard for so many years and have over stressed ourselves without being sensible.

    1. Hi John
      I agree with you.
      The day before my rhythm went out I had to work(It was a holiday here in SA). I woke up at 03:00 was at work at 04:15. Then worked until 16:00, did some things at home and went out to dinner and drank one light beer and glass and a half of red wine.
      I do my best to try and understand my triggers.
      This time I think it was a combination of: Lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, a small bit of alcohol and then jogging the next morning.

      Thx for your comment.
      PS:One of the reasons I push myself is because I love life and want to get the most out of it.

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