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You are not DONE! Get a hold on HOPE in your HEART!

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When the chips are down, no one is reading your stories, your bank account cries for money, claps, and likes are few and far between, you feel down, or you receive horrible news from the doctor, you need some hope!

All of us have those days.

And that statement just helps nobody! You need some hope! If all of us have some of those days how do only some get through it?

Hope is not an empty word. It has some gravity

While I was chatting to a friend, he went straight to the point and asked. “I remember you also have a heart issue?”

I briefly told my story but not in detail, because I knew that there was some “heart questions “ coming on.

Heart stories are very interesting.

Sometimes you must deal with your physical heart. If the doctor says what’s wrong with your heart, you live with it every day, it’s difficult to change.

But what about your spirit and soul. If we say someone has a strong and courageous heart. Are we talking about their spirit and soul? Or may it also be that we are talking about their hearts and the hope that’s in their hearts?

I don’t want to lose you here, talking all fluffy airy-fairy stuff. But just take note of this.

One of the reasons surgeons were hesitant, long ago, to operate on the heart or transplant the heart is because of this heart-soul-spirit connection.

The heart has a “brain” with 40 000 neurons and can sense, feel, learn and remember. Your heart talks to your brain.

Dr. Paul Pearsall and Dr. Deborah Rozman have talked and wrote about this and how the heart communicates with the brain.

But maybe your heart cannot really think, but I believe it can feel.

What is the symbol for love?……

Why is it a heart?

Faith Hope and love are mentioned in the same sentence in the Bible. They are all these types of “fluffy” difficult to explain concepts. Can it be that hope to some extent is situated in your heart?

A few times I, and many other people have hoped in spite of hopelessness.

There was no clear solution, no guarantee, no escape or hope.

But there was HOPE.

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