6 thoughts on “Stop Panic Attacks do a THOUGHTARREST

  1. Yes, breathing and fullest relaxation (going limp in all limbs and torso) are most important to me. I “turned off” PVCs the other night by first sitting forward on my bed, feet on floor, forearms on knees and head bent down almost as low as I could get it, counting pulse beats with left fingers on right wrist. This can often reduce PVC number, and when I counted 50 with few or no skips, I lay down on my left side, left arm stretched out at a 90 degree angle, and did the breathing-go limp relaxation slowly, eyes closed, almost floating, and skips lessened as regular heartbeat returned. And soon I fell asleep.

  2. Thank you for writing this and sharing it. I will try all of these things. Have been praying for guidance how to manage this since I have a Myocardial Bridge with recurring high blood pressure, even on meds. But, so far everything looks fine otherwise. I keep being told to be calm but how? This was helpful.

    1. Oh my Gosh!!! My name is also Esther ( but they call me Essie) and I have also recently been diagnosed with Myocardial bridge. My blood pressure is going nuts, but they’re thinking I’m in menopause and that it’s messing with things. Just started estrogen patches hoping to even things out. I love this blog. This girl has a way of explaining the feelings and how she deals with in a way that gives me confidence. Keep in touch, Esther, if you want to.😊

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