Cape Town Cycle Tour Results

Cape Town Cycle Tour
Cape Town Cycle Tour Results


Like always Cape Town was wonderful during the Cycle Tour. Everything worked out well and I had a wonderful ride. This was my best race time ever!

Cape Town is really a beautiful town and an amazing place to stage a race like the Cycle tour.

Cape Town
Blouberg: a piece of Cape Town at dusk


I live a perfectly normal life and usually do not think of my AFIB that much. When something big comes along like the Cape Town Cycle Tour, which is 109km (about 67miles) I must say that I tend to think a bit more about my heart and how it will react to four hours of cycling. When I think about my training, I usually think it was not enough. This year, the longest ride that I did was 80km on a flat course, but I did train regularly.

I don’t know about other afibbers but I sometimes “feel” my heart. What I mean is that I do not feel my heart all the time but now and then I get that sensation that my heart is skipping a beat,  just beating irregularly or “hard”. This worries me sometimes!

Through my own research, I have made the following conclusions, of what it may be.

  1. Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (Afib that occurs and then stops by itself)
  2. Stress
  3. A full stomach
  4. Ectopic Heart beats, read more about it at: Ectopic heartbeats, PVC and PAC’s

Before the Argus cycle race, I do tend to think about those times that my heart reacts strange, but I must say that during most of my races and training rides my heart beats in rhythm. Sometimes I only get a few strange beats in the beginning of the ride. I put that down to nerves and my heart “changing gears” to get the first few pedal strokes going.

2016 ARGUS

Like I said this was my best ride ever and I did a time of 03:53:07, of which I am very proud of. I know I can do better, and maybe next year my time will even be better.


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