AFIB and TOF in



Would you agree with me that feeling your heart going crazy in your chest makes you think about……. the big D? Death yes, but the flip side is life! Afib and TOF can be a blessing.

So what can you do with this new friend called AFIB? I believe it can inspire you to be more, do more and hope for more. Can AFIB or a CHD(congenital heart disease) give you a bigger better life? I think so and these are my reasons!

But first some background info.

Born with a CHD called Tetralogy of Fallot.

Thanks to Surgeon Alfred Blalock, Pediatric Cardiologist – Helen B. Taussig and Surgical Technician – Vivien T. Thomas (blue baby operation) that dared to push the boundaries and make medical history in 1944 (also documented in the movie: Something the Lord Made,)

I had a chance in life about 30 years later.

The lesions on my heart did lead to Afib, but I also see this as a blessing.

It’s scary but not terminal/final.

Afib scares you out of your socks but does not kill you(Can AFIB kill you?). This is very good for you if you can channel that thought and fear into something good (Arrest the thought).

Fear can be a very good motivator! Knowing how a sick and out of tune  heart feels, only to have a “normal” heartbeat the next moment or day can be a very good motivator. Both AFIB and TOF are very scary.

Knowing how oxygen poor blood feels in your body, and then getting that boost of power when your heart goes into sinus rhythm, when you have a afib spel, motivates me tremendously. But is can paralyse you too.

You know there’s a “deadline”

Nobody really wants to think about it, but there is a line.

A line where your life ends – the big DEADLINE!

Afib or any serious illness makes you aware of the that LINE! The final deadline.

And any deadline forces you to work harder, faster and smarter. It propels you to live life with a passion.

You have felt that your body can malfunction and it moves you to get the best out of life.


Afib and TOF has created in me a great respect and love for life. Where does life come from? How easy can it be taken away? If you think you have something forever, why care for it now? But if you know you have it for only a short time you value it more.

Be happy and enjoy it or them!

Be happy with or without AFIB and TOF
Be happy

It makes me think of our family holidays. We all know it’s there for only a short time. So what do we do?

Swim more! Eat more! Walk more! Drink more?! Love more! Travel and see more! Get more sunburn $%*&#!!

WHY? Because we want to get every little bit of value out of that short and valuable time.

If you value something you take care of it.

I have made the resolution that AFIB and TOF are blessings in my life!






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