About my heart and head

My Heart

I also have a “stubborn” heart that does not always beat the beat…..

I have lived with afib (atrial fibrillation) for a big part of my life. My first episode was when I was 24 but that actually is not the beginning of my heart story.
I want to share what I have seen, heard, felt, experienced, done, learned and also believe about afib and what it did to me and how it influenced and still influence’s me.
I know my story can help U.

I also hope that your stories can help me. I did not know that afib was such a big problem until I surfed the internet and saw all the resources, sites and research available.

I hope to learn and share what I find on my journey, and inspire some afibbers to not lose hope but keep on searching for help and a breakthrough. So far I have learned that what you think is so very important, and not allow negative thoughts to penetrate your mind and control your actions. Many times I had the fear creeping up on me and sometimes keeping me from living, but other times I overcame the fear of my heart (racing away) and did something wonderful like running a 21km race, diving into the cold ocean, riding a mountain bike race of 100km, eating something strange or going on a vacation far from home, and not being near a doctor or hospital.