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  1. This blog has been so useful, I’ve had palpitations for as long as I can remember. I also have a hiatus hernia. I made the connection many years ago, but spoke to a heart doctor I said if I came to see you and said I think it’s my vagus nerve causing my arythmias what would you say, he said I’d laugh you out of my office.
    But lately I have a fluctuating heartbeat sometime a heartbeat of 150 for days on end, it’s exhausting. I have made a connection with eating a large meal or drinking wine, both those things start it off.
    Also because of reflux I’m often sick, that also starts it off.
    Have recently purchased a Kardia heart monitor to keep an eye on it.
    Doc has recently put me on Beta Blockers let’s see if that helps.

    1. Great comment.

      I don’t get that excact same comment from my cardiologist but I can see in his eyes that he does not think I’m serious.
      Ive been on beta blockers for years (Bisiprolol). Sometimes they work but my rhythm has gone out a few times whlie I was on them.
      I’m also on Arycor a Amiodarone Hydrochloride now which is a stronger Antiarrhythmic drug.

    2. You should consider having a cardiac ablation. It is particularly effective with vagally induced arrhythmias.

      1. Sorry ablation is a route I will never go down. A couple of years ago my sister went in for an ablation. They asked her to sign the consent forms and said in one in a million chance something can go wrong. Well it did, as they did the ablation they pierced the wall of her heart and she ended up on a life support machine for weeks with a cardiac tapenade, it was touch and go. When she eventually woke she said thank heavens that’s done…..well it wasn’t they hadn’t got that far. She now lives on medication as can’t bare the thought of going through that again.

  2. A pinched cervical and thoracic nerve caused afib due to degenerativediscs. I have been rebuilding them with “Longevity ” vitamins.

  3. Ive had Afib for over 10 years and nothing seems to help. By “accident” i ate some honey AND the wax part of the comb. Within two hours, i noticed a HUGE calmness in my heart! So much so, it stopped me while doing something, and I wondered “WHAT is that??”

    Yes, is WAS that noticeable.

    It has to be the honey AND the WAX part. Ive eaten all sorts of honey, and nothing like this has happened before.

    I did some research and there are a few site describing the beneficial elements from within bees wax.

    Ive eating it for a week, and each time, about 1-2 hours later a very noticeable calmness envelopes my heart. So try different types from different places. Ive just been trying another batch from somewhere else, and Its not working like the first stuff. But when something like this IS so noticeable, you make sure you eat it every day!

    Wax is made from honey, so have no qualms about eating the wax as well.

    I also put some peanut butter in my mouth, so that it binds with the wax when I chew, and doesnt become a “pellet” which the body would find hard to digest.

    1. Hi Kevin

      Thank you for the comment.

      Very interesting. I have bee hives on my property. I’m going to try honey and wax when I get some in the summer (I’m in South Africa)


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