10 Questions to ask your AFIB doctor, and a few he can ask you!

What are the questions you should ask your AFIB doctor?

It is important to ask the right questions when you have those few moments with your AFIB doctor.

My problem was that I forgot the questions!

Sometimes I did make a list on a small piece of paper and fired away with all my questions. It helped me tremendously.

But that’s not all! The doctor asked me some questions that I was not sure off. Like what does my family heart history look like?

The questions on my “AFIB appointment” form are not the only questions you can ask or be asked, but it is a very good start. It will make you think. Then jot down how and why your AFIB starts (if there is any apparent reason or none).

It will help with your own “assessment” and with getting the most out of your doctor’s appointment.

Things you could do right away!

You can eat and drink in a more AFIB friendly way. One of the best ways to go caffeine free is to start drinking Rooibos tea.

Below you will find my “AFIB doctor appointment questionnaire”

There is a link below the questionnaire where you can download it, hopefully it’s printable, it’s the first time I link a PDF. Any comments are welcome.

Date and Time of AFIB appointment: …………………………………………………….

Dr/Cardiologist/EP: Name: ………………. Phone/Email of Dr: ..………………………

Questions your doctor may ask you.
Any family heart history?
When did symptoms start?
Do you know your regular pulse rate?
What was your highest/lowest pulse rate?
How long does an AFIB attack last?
        List of medication, chronic and acute.
Does AFIB come after caffeine (coffee/sports drink/energy drink) intake?
Does the AFIB come after alcohol intake?
Any major stresses in your life
Describe what your AFIB attack feels like?
Questions to ask your doctor.
What is causing my symptoms/condition?
Are there any restrictions, dietary, exercise or other that I need to know of.
What level of physical activity should I take part in?
I have other health conditions. How must I manage them?
What type of treatment is best for my situation. Rate or Rhythm control?
If you smoke, are obese, have high blood pressure or suffer from sleep apnoea,

inform your doctor, and ask his opinion.

What is my CHADS2-VASc score, and what is my risk of stroke?
If I need to take medicine, what are the alternatives and side effects?
I want more information: Websites to visit?
Can dehydration cause AFIB, or be a trigger? “Holiday Heart Syndrome”
3 Things I can do right now?
Eat right!
Drink right!
Stress Less, breathe in deep, relax! You can win this! Tell me how.


Use the link below to download the questions for your AFIB doctor.

Question from and for your Dr about AFIB 2

Please leave a comment and mention a few questions that you think are important.




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