Janco Vorster afibheart informal grey t-shirtAtrial Fibrillation is also known as afib, A-fib, AF or sometimes also referred to as atrial flutter, although it is not the same thing (more about that later). In plain words, it is an irregular heart beat, a rapid heart beat and the upper heart chambers are not working as they should due to an electrical malfunction. It is the most common heart irregularity, for the smart guys, it’s cardiac arrhythmia.

But there is HOPE!!!  Yes! this is not the end and there most probably is a cure for you, and even if your heart stays in afib it can be managed.

There are people living a normal live in permanent afib, but I was cured of afib and it is wonderful. Let me tell you what worked for me and many others.

What does afib feel like?

A racing or speeding heart, skipped heart beats, others describe it as erratic heartbeat or strong palpitations. Some people feel a thud and then there is a silence and you think your heart has stopped just to feel it come back with a bang. Other people describe it as a fluttering, flopping fish in your chest or just some sort of heartbeat that does not feel normal.

I have felt the pressure in my throat and in my chest. Then a light dizziness and a shortness of breath. The way I described it to my doctor was that it felt like my heart changed gears, and then relief when it’s back in rhythm. The other strange thing is that you can “feel” your heart beat.

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6 thoughts on “ABOUT AFIB

  1. Thanks for listing our book, Beat Your A-Fib on your resources page. We’d be glad to send you a copy (print or eBook). Just contact me!
    Patti Ryan
    A-Fib, Inc., publisher of A-Fib.com and Beat Your A-Fib by Steve S. Ryan, PhD

    1. Great to hear from you, Patti!

      Thanx for the offer, and I will make contact with you.
      You and Steve must be one of the leaders if not THE leader in the world of AFIB and AFIB education.

      Your site http://a-fib.com/ is wonderful!
      Any afibber(afib patient) or afib caregiver MUST visit your site.


  2. I could use a few more words on when and whether “arrhythmia” is a broader term than “afib”. But thanks for this site, I’ve just been looking at it for the first time, and we could use a lot more information and support on these conditions.

    1. According to me Arrhythmia is the broader term and some of the types are: Premature atrial contractions (PAC), PVC, Atrial Flutter, PSVT, AVNRT and a few more.
      Mainly the 2 broad types depend if the Arrhythmia occurs in the Atrium(upper chambers) or Ventricles (lower chambers).But I have not gone into all the types that are described.

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